Buy Stepts

With a new car in Kenya do everything to be simple, easy and fun and you get the first key moment, with as little unnecessary paperwork Fortzdorot and gravity on all sides, our method is buying a new car in three stages:

Professional advice for choosing a car:
The first and essential step for all data and vehicle matching the client's needs, a new car first class consultants working with the knowledge and understanding of the automotive field, and a precise fit customer needs,
To buy the right vehicle to come to important professional meeting for Hsbonino, and it is important to come prepared with the following parameters,
Who is the vehicle? for what purpose? How many children in the family? It is important to have a Personal Care? What is the monthly repayment capacity?
To get correct advice is important to come up with data, and our expert advisor processes all the data and give you the most perfect proposal.
After deciding on the type of vehicle, we match you with the financing plan best for you, we work with all banks and know the programs of funding closely and know how to adjust a funding plan that will fit the specific client and help him finance the vehicle easily as possible, Tickle least monthly budget. And of course you can typically get up to 100% financing.

Receiving the key:
The examination of the funding we do for you in front of the Bank and approval in principle for a quick procedure for review within a day, after confirmation, we wait about 14 business days to receive the key to all we have left to wish it a safe trip and good luck.